Crabtree & evelyn hand therapy collection

A few weeks ago I went a little trigger happy on FeelUnique (justification: post-christmas sales and birthday discount, I just had to) and this Crabtree & Evelyn Garden Favourites Hand Therapy Collection ended up my basket; good thing too, since my L'Occitane Passion Jasmine Hand Cream has recently ran out, after being part of my Declutteing Project.

It comes in a rather Spring-like packaging of fruits, leaves and butterflies. Personally, I could do without the butterflies, they give me the shudders (I don't like butterflies, unpopular opinion!). I do however, love that they come in metal tubes, for some reason they always feel like a novelty to me.

Surprisingly, the first time I entered a Crabtree & Evelyn store was in Munich, Germany - even though we have them in North America - and after smelling all of their scents I could safely say that I did not like a single one of them, so I am not sure what urged me to get this set. Even more interestingly, I am actually really enjoying these, since they smell totally different to me here than they did in Europe.

Curious and curiouser.

Either way, these scents - Lily, Rosewater, and Gardeners (which has a manly sort of undertone to it, not sweet or floraly like the others) - are truly lovely. They apply like a dream and leave my hands feeling ridiculously soft, with a bit of a powdery finish.