Korres Part I: On Body Butters

Korres Jasmine Body Butter, Japanese Rose Body Milk, Japanese Rose Body Butter

If there is something I have a surplus of, aside from kitty litter and soap bars (thanks mom!), is butters. Not the delicious edible kind, but body and lip butters. Even though I am aware of my surplus of moisturizing items (I don't even have dry skin), over the past few months I have managed to obtain even more, particularly from Korres.

I was introduced to Korres by a dear, dear, enabling friend of mine, who let me take a sniff at  the beautiful Korres Jasmine Body Butter that lay on her vanity. A sniff turned to two, two sniffs turned to three, and thus, an obsession was born.

Seriously, the scents of these products are heavenly, even their lip butters smell good (but more on that later).

Not only is their scent amazing, but their packaging is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional – they even include a very thorough ingredients list, containing what they have, as well as highlighting what they don't.

Luxuriously moisturizing on the skin, and leaving a subtle scent behind, these are definitely some of my favorite creams & lotions. The butters are thick, yet spreadable, conveniently come in a squeezy tube, and do not transfer onto bed sheets, while the milks are their lighter sisters, ideal for when you are short on time.


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