Spring Splurge I

As this endless, taxing semester finally (finally!) came to a close, I found myself with a bit of extra time on my hands and a long wishlist. A wishlist to which I added to bit by bit in the last few months, partly out of studying-induced craziness and partly out of something resembling need. Thus, it was inevitable that I got a little trigger friendly with my purchases.

This Sephora package sitting pretty on my bed is a perfect representation of my list: a studying-induced purchase – Korres trio of body butters – and a kind of reasonable purchase – Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil –.

Korres Luxury Body Butter Trio
Having sang praises to the sky on Korres (I & II), I suppose it's not too surprising that this is now in my hands. At a regular retail price of $33 (CDN) for a full sized bottle, I just couldn't pass up this offer of $45 for 3 (outrageous!!). I think it was a special for Mother's Day but I have to admit I didn't have that in mind when I added it to my virtual basket (sorry Mamá!). Though I may be harbouring a small amount of guilt, so one of them could appear in her mailbox soon (I'm shameless). I don't even know which one I would chose to give away – all 3 smell and feel heavenly.

Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil
The more reasonable purchase – after dealing with constant hormonal breakouts for a few months, I started on a Retinol regimen which has successfully managed to clear my skin up (hooray!) and to dry it out to something resembling the Sahara desert (as one of my west coast friends would say: it's hella dry!).  My dear mother was actually the one to suggest this oil, ("it has really good reviews in Sephora!" every product has really good reviews in Sephora mom...) but it was enough to get me interested.

I foresee a full review up in a few weeks, but in short: it is good.

As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to get 5 perfume samples in the form of very cute fancy post cards, along with the standard 3 samples!


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