Sketchbook I | Of Roses

Chronological order, most recent being the top
Misleading title, seeing as one of the sketches is actually of peonies – speaking of which, it is peony season, and while I find beautiful outdoor peonies at every corner, I have yet to find cut peonies at any florist. I may have to resort to gathering a bunch from an unsuspecting backyard in the middle of the night (I am joking of course...or am I?).

Maybe once I get my hands on some, I can try some still lives. Flowers are such a joy to draw.

Since I started my university studies, I have made very little time for any sort of sketching.  Most days when I do sit down to doodle, I get frustrated at how rusty and uncreative my mind has become, but some days, with the right music and the right tea, this happens instead.