Winter Reading

Earlier this summer I decided that this semester I would make an effort to spend more time for myself and work on letting go of academic and work related stress – which so far has manifested as reading all the books. Since making this decision in early June I've got +25 books under my belt that I've read for pleasure alone, and it has definitely helped in making me de-stress and have more enjoyable, well rounded days.

On my winter reading list: a classic I have always wanted to read - The Collector by John Fowles, which I have actually recently finished and it was as riveting as I expected it to be. Canadian novelist and poet Margaret Atwood with her cunning, witty, and absolutely enthralling writing has me constantly devouring her works: last month I read The Edible Woman and I am moving onto Lady Oracle – though Oryx & Crake from her MaddAddam Trilogy still holds a place as one of my favourite books of all time, followed closely by A Handmaid's Tale.

At the top of the pile I've got  The Glass Caslte by Jeanette Walls – a memoir often talked about, though I am still undecided – and The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, a dystopian future novel I am beyond excited to get into.

Since starting University I have placed my non-academic hobbies – reading & art – on the back burner. I didn't realize how much of an effect that would have on my well being, and I can safely say that now that I am making an effort to incorporate little joys like this back into my everyday life I have felt a happier version of myself.


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