Goodbye 2014

2014 has been interesting. I truly wanted it to be an amazing year - it's made up of my favourite digits, it's even, and it's not a prime number! Mostly though, 2014 was tough. I spent the vast majority of it working. Working towards my degree, working at the laboratory, working on myself. I lost my kitty. It was a stressful, anxiety-ridden year.

But I've learned a lot. I've learned that making time for myself, and that surrounding myself with an environment that is inspiring to me is essential for my well-being. I've learned that I can't just forgo creativity in lieu of other types of success. I've learned that I can't spend a significant amount of my time doing something that I am not completely passionate about.

Concerning my 2014 resolutions, I did get some headway in some of them – I have been writing more letters & I am making huge progress in finding a balance between acadamia and creativity. Other things...still need some work - I have to admit to not working on my grudge-holding at all.

 2015 will be an exciting year and many changes are on the horizon! Plans to move across the world with the boyfriend and a suitcase are in the works - Germany? Denmark? Sweden?

I still have to give some thought as to what I will strive for in 2015, but one resolution from this year will carry on onto the next:

 Appreciate more


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