Winter in Toronto

Spending the Christmas Holidays down by Lake Ontario means that we have the opportunity to escape down to Toronto (frequently!). Here is a round up of some shots from earlier this week, where we wandered through the lively St. Lawrence market and the Distillery District, finishing our day off at a Risotteria nearby. The boyfriend got to test out his newly knit winter toque (handmade Christmas gifts!) and I think it came out nicely – I also knit myself a matching head band, but I didn't want to embarrass him with my cheesiness so I didn't bring it out , excited to start knitting some more over the next year!

The weather has been so, so pleasant this winter here in Ontario – very mild, nothing sub-zero – so I am both excited, and dreading, the return to MontrĂ©al's tundra. The indoor market was bustling with people taking refuge from the outside and prepping for the New Years meals. We found many eateries and delicacies as well as good laughs – an otherwise perfectly innocent bakery had trays upon trays of night-mare inducing Christmas themed gingerbread men with evil, lopsided or even missing eyes & buttons!

We then spent some time exploring the beautiful Distillery District, with its many in and outs and unique boutiques, while enjoying some fresh mulled apple cider and hot chocolate shots. I've been trying to document our outings more so I brought my camera along and filmed a few bits to string together as a little memory vlog, which I will hopefully put up sometime soon – I want to head down to Toronto one last time before leaving to top up on bubble tea, dim sum and churros!

Wishing you lovely winter Holidays,


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