Creative Goals 2015

The start of the year has been a bit hectic, most of my workload for this semester has concentrated into the end of January (and yet here I am, procrastinating).  There are a lot of changes shaping up for 2015, and if all goes well, I won't be comfortably settled in anywhere for a while. With that in mind, I kept my goals and aspirations for 2015 lofty and do-able, while I build on more concrete and long-term goals throughout the year to start 2016 off strong. Without further a due, here is my "to-do" list of 2015.

Montréal scrapbook | I will be leaving Canada and de-rooting my life to move across the pond this summer (hopefully I'm not speaking too soon), and I want to get our memories of the past 4 years in Montréal down on paper in the form of a scrapbook. Hopefully having a creative project that I can start and stop throughout the semester will serve as an outlet and do me a world of good!

Deutsch | Over the past few years I have been working on & off on my German skills (Hallo! Ich bin Dani und ich habe Hungrig. Die Ente isst einen Apfel!) – I have Duolingo to thank for that last sentence which I am sure will not come in handy – and I really want this to be the year that I make more of an effort. Though German might be replaced with Danish or Dutch, depending on news to come in the next few months. Fingers crossed for German though.

Blog | As an avid journaler and blogger, I look forward to settling into this space and making it what I want it to be. Eagerly looking toward working through these next 3 months and finishing my first degree, so I can devote more time to this. All my past blogs have had a temporary feel – this one doesn't.

(except for my tumblr, 5 years strong)


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