On Being Spoilt

I am happy to say that I have been a little bit spoilt recently.

Once by my mother during this past lovely winter break. After being cooped up indoors for far too long (ie. a day – after a hectic exam week where the only time I went outside was to get take-out, a day indoors seems dramatically torturous) we headed out to walk the mall. MontrĂ©al is wonderful for window shopping: the streets in the summer are very lively with bistros, cafes and chic store fronts, and during the inevitably frigid winter (most of the year to be honest) you can stroll the many miles of underground malls! Unfortunately I rarely ever venture out leisurely during the semesters, as I spend most of my time trying to not drown in mountains of work (if only I had better time management skills) and ordering Indian food. It doesn't help that the life sciences complex, where I slave away most of the day, is situated at the base of Mont Royal, making the walk down (not to mention up) hill during icy weather quite the perilous journey.

Anyway, I digress – my mother and I were walking the mall, and as per usual we ended up perusing our local Sephora. Did I need anything? No. No I did not. But I had a make-up shaped void in my heart that could only be filled with the instant gratification that came with owning a brand new material good. I was originally really keen on getting Tarte's Amazonian 12-hour Blush in Exposed, but I was looking particularly pale that day, and under the harsh fluorescent lights Exposed looked much too dark. I could just have gone just outside the store to take a look at it under natural light, but for whatever reason, I couldn't be bothered. I ended up coming out with Dazzled (gracias mami!) described only as a soft rose, but it comes out quite plummy on me.

I have been really enjoying this shade, perfect for winter. Although I am a little disappointed with its staying power, it is definitely not a 12 hour blush on me, but to fair, I spend a significant part of my day bundled in ginormous scarves that hide my face and it could be rubbing off on them.

The second instance of spoilage came from my dear friend C, who recently surprised me with a lovely birthday package including a NARS blush in Douceur, after listening to me pinning for it for a while – because it looked like such a perfect colour and it was being discontinued! Woe is me! I do feel bad about the pinning. But this blush is a marvellous thing and it has met all of my expectations! I need a few more weeks of wear before I can voice my opinion on here. Soon to come.

So, TLDR: I got my hand on some blushes. They are good.

On another note, Seb's little sister has sent us a pair of ridiculously cute and fluffy toiletry bag and hot water bottle from Zara Home. Thanks Iris!


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