Notes of Late .001

  • • I have been truly enjoying the winter sunlight pouring through my bedroom window. It is clean, clear, and comforting.
  • • Got a beautifully packaged parcel from Aritzia, containing mostly gifts for family, and a cheeky silk camisole purchase for myself. Packaging & delivery is A++, would recommend.
  • • A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers (all the way from Holland!) is currently at home on our kitchen table and it is lovely. Lisianthus, Statis, Baby's Breath and some greenery – my flower picks always look the same. White, white, purple & green.
  • • The arctic cold front will not stop. I am so tired of frigid temperatures I could cry, but at least Montréal winters are beautiful. 
  • • There is a perpetual knit wear bundle that covers most of my face these days.
  • • I'm curating my perfect gym list to help me get that little bit farther on my mileage. 
  • • I have a lot (a lot!) of arts supplies that I cannot take with me across the ocean later this year which breaks my heart – I'll have to build up my repertoire from scratch and it will take a lot of time (and money!). Maybe making use of a lot of it before I leave will ease my sadness.
  • • Excited for what is to come.


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