december in Berlin | out

The last few days of the year in berlin included
  • early morning lectures
  • visiting many Weihnachtmärkte 
  • drinking many more cups of Glühwein 
  • (specially tasty from booty mugs)
  • exploring the neighbourhood while Christmas shopping
writing cozily from Salzburg, Österreich. surrounded by wool, on my body in the shape of a snug sweater, and around my hands as I knit many a toque and small critters. seen as well: perpetually full tea mugs.

pardon the terribly grainy photos




The last few days of November passed with bitter sweet feelings. October & November – my favourite time of the year. Pleasing name phonetics (the perfect mixture of Ts, Os, Bs and M), cozy weather, crunchy leaves, hot drinks, new starts (but not too new), comfortable to stay at home, comfortable to explore, great smelling air, and yet so short.

1. & 2.  winter rolling in slowly as some flurries fall in Mitte on our way to pick up fresh bread
3. local haunts for good drinks and better food
4. said food, a post exam celebration. of note: the perfect pancakes. the almost finished spinach cake, curiously delicious
5. the first weihnachtmarkt of the year in schloss charlottenburg (glühwein, glühwein, glühwein)
6. late night u-bahn rides