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I've heard several people say that January and February are the worst, most depressing months of the year – a sort of dull lull where you recover from the festivities of December and have nothing to look forward to. I have never experienced such contempt towards the beginning of the year, to me it always brought wonderful things, new beginnings and wintry days in, prior to the push of bulbs through old snow and the beginning of spring. Honorable mention to my birthday.

This year, it has been different. I found myself in the midst of an episode of The Sads that lasted longer than others in the past. I slept so much I might as well have been hibernating. It has been quite hard, but finally the okay days have begun outnumber the bad days and I feel like I'm coming out a daze and simultaneously finishing marathon, just in time to enjoy the bulbs peaking out from the frosty soil.

  1. One of the many abandoned buildings in Berlin – Freie Universität Berlin’s Institute of Anatomy – visited and photographed by Seb in early January
  2. Off on the S-bahn, on quest to find delicious Asian food in this city. This night was Thai
  3. Some new wool skeins from my neighbourhood wool shop, for my first pair of mittens
  4. Said mittens mid-construction
  5. Our memory wall and a string of handmade fleece hearts for Valentines Day
  6. Little feet on my way to the lab


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