East Side gallery & Warschauer straße

Days I want to remember:

The first truly warm day of the year - the skies were aggressively blue, the air was springy, and wearing an autumnal outfit was most certainly a mistake. After feeling cooped up in the apartment for too long (a feeling I often feel), we headed out to explore a section of the Berlin Wall up close at the East Side gallery. It was a Thursday and the tourist crowds were not as barbaric as usual, so we had a good time ogling all the art, though we somehow managed to miss the iconic Bruderkiss when we skipped a tiny section of the wall. Must go back!

From this strip of the wall we walked to Warschauer straße and made a cheeky stop at Veganz, where we acquired a teeny tiny pot of mango & basil ice cream and carried our loot around with us. Around the area we found a plenitude of indian food and fruity cocktail bars, a combination we'll try one day.

 That is all.



rainy spring days

After going through a down period at the beginning of the year, where most days were spent indoors and with bad thoughts, I had enough clarity of mind to suggest that we head out into nature for a bit. In fact I didn't really want to. I felt in the dumps and leaving my comfort zone was the least thing I wanted to do. It was a rainy, chilly, Saturday in March. It was cold and wet and matched my mood perfectly.

We headed to the tallest natural point in Berlin, where we twaddled about and splashed around in puddles – the longer I was out in the miserable weather the better I felt. By the time we moseyed down the 'mountain' (of 66 meters, har har) and made our way to a cute Italian restaurant I was feeling lighter than I had in weeks.

Sometimes it is hard to not get caught up in my own thoughts, but going out and about gives me some perspective and reminds me that, indeed, life does go on outside of my tiny apartment.