East Side gallery & Warschauer straße

Days I want to remember:

The first truly warm day of the year - the skies were aggressively blue, the air was springy, and wearing an autumnal outfit was most certainly a mistake. After feeling cooped up in the apartment for too long (a feeling I often feel), we headed out to explore a section of the Berlin Wall up close at the East Side gallery. It was a Thursday and the tourist crowds were not as barbaric as usual, so we had a good time ogling all the art, though we somehow managed to miss the iconic Bruderkiss when we skipped a tiny section of the wall. Must go back!

From this strip of the wall we walked to Warschauer straße and made a cheeky stop at Veganz, where we acquired a teeny tiny pot of mango & basil ice cream and carried our loot around with us. Around the area we found a plenitude of indian food and fruity cocktail bars, a combination we'll try one day.

 That is all.


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