hamburg II | port

Hamburg's waterfront was lovely. There is something so soothing about boats gently swaying up and down. It reminds me of my childhood, when we lived by the ocean and had frequent excursions into the open sea, to islands and beaches nearby. I was too young to remember much really, but I do remember the swaying. And the ocean smell. That was one thing that was missing in Hamburg. I was expecting to be able to get my fill of sea scents, knowing that it is one of Europe's largest port cities. But it really is a bit far from the north sea... unfortunately we couldn't make it there.

But a trip to the Baltic Sea is in the cards! Possibly next month, we might spend a few days there for our anniversary.

Regardless, Hamburg was lovely, other things I want to remember:
  • That crazy beautiful sun set
  • The hamburger dom, a spring fair, which we visited while starved. 
    • We saw many Lebkuchenherzen, traditional ginger bread cookies with cheesy sayings; Ich liebe dich...!
    •  Lots of sugar candies
    • Even more sausages
    • All of the different ways one can cook potatoes
    • Sauerkraut 
    • (I don't want to perpetuate stereotypes, but German food really makes that hard)
    • How none of that would hit the spot, so we moseyed our way to a döner place 
  • The House of Mirrors which didn't actually have mirrors, just glass
  • When we went for some grub to a Kumpir place (baked potatoes!) and failed to get Kumpir. Though the falafel we got was very delicious.
  • Desi's accelerator which was technically in a mine
  • Train views


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