Salzburg IV | Wolfgangsee

We made our usual stop at the Wolfgangsee, on the way to Bad Ischl and Halstatt and took a good long walk around. Things I want to remember:
  • I was feeling sick on the drive there, but a quick stop and sauntering around the lake fixed me right up
  • This was the last trip these shoes ever took, as I got some new ones when we arrived back in Berlin
    • They were with me for 4 years, and were my first pair of shoes purchased with the sole purpose of running around Europe (which they did)
  • The waters were crystal clear
  • Mountains loomed
  • They had some cool lotus seating 
  • Many a dog bathing
  • Cow friends grazing and mooing away



Salzburg III | Bumming

The majority of the time we spent here we bummed around. It was completely necessary, a method of self-care and recovery (and, of course, laziness). We took that time to fatten up on bread and goods:
  • There is no bread like BĂ€ckerei Reichartseder bread.
  • We perfected our veggie carbonara (the secret was smoked tofu) A++, 10/10 would recommend
  • Finally tried the Leichtsinn Bistro and it was beyond delicious
  • We also tried an Almdudler/Radler mix and were pleasantly surprised
I also took some time to paint and painted mostly desserts (one track mind)



Salzburg II | Altstadt

Salzburg truly is beautiful in every season – although the festive Christmas season trumps all, I will be sad to miss it this time. Even though I take the same shots every year, walking around the city never gets old. I feel like I see it with fresh eyes regardless of how often I visit, and somehow always manage to get lost, which is quite a feat considering how tiny it really is. I'm confident that one day I'll feel at home there and I'll know all of the alley ways, but today is not that day.

After relishing around at home for a while, waiting out the rain and thunder, we managed to get out and explore the city. We went everywhere we usually do – the Ringwraith, the watercolour gallery, Getridegasse. We then bumbled along to L'Osteria where we made a reservation (we fancy) and had a delicious pizza and wine date night 😍.

It was delicious and relaxing and exactly what we needed.



Sazburg I | Hallstatt

The rain & thunder will not deter us from adventures! We spent a week in Salzburg earlier in the summer (even though these pictures would certainly convince you that it was indeed autumn) and took off on a rainy day trip through the rural country side to Hallstatt. I even managed to take some shots while weaving in and out of tourists.

It was cold and wet and beautiful. We were surrounded by mountains and beautiful lakes – the HallstĂ€tter See shown here – and the fog rolled down the hills and through the pine trees to cool us as we explored. Flowers and greenery exploded out of cute windows in typical Austrian fashion. There were so many nooks and crannies and hidden pathways on the face of the mountain, filled with wells and ferns and ivy, perfect to over look the city.

Later, we stopped at a cafĂ© to dry and warm up, while we enjoyed some delicious cake – mine was egg liquor (similar to eggnog!), chocolate and almond, and Seb's was an apple, chocolate and cherry cake (his was better!). A perfect date.

On the way back we stopped at the grandparent's farm and visited the baby cows, bunnies, cats, and hens, and I realized I am in desperate need of rubber rain boots. The calf in the photo was called Jakob.