Salzburg II | Altstadt

Salzburg truly is beautiful in every season – although the festive Christmas season trumps all, I will be sad to miss it this time. Even though I take the same shots every year, walking around the city never gets old. I feel like I see it with fresh eyes regardless of how often I visit, and somehow always manage to get lost, which is quite a feat considering how tiny it really is. I'm confident that one day I'll feel at home there and I'll know all of the alley ways, but today is not that day.

After relishing around at home for a while, waiting out the rain and thunder, we managed to get out and explore the city. We went everywhere we usually do – the Ringwraith, the watercolour gallery, Getridegasse. We then bumbled along to L'Osteria where we made a reservation (we fancy) and had a delicious pizza and wine date night 😍.

It was delicious and relaxing and exactly what we needed.


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